Q. What are eyelash extensions?

A. Very thin false lashes are carefully applied to your natural lash 0.05mm - 1mm (with lash adhesive) away from your eyelid. These are waterproof, semi-permanent extensions.

Q. Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

A. With proper isolation, appropriate choice of weight (length and extension diameter), proper aftercare and touch ups done every 2-3 weeks, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. Lash extensions encourage you to keep your hands away from fiddling with your lashes. There is no need to "take a break" from the extensions unless you are unable to keep up with the maintenance touch ups or you are wanting to have a permanent eyeliner tattoo done. 

Q. How long do lash extensions last?

A. Our lifestyle, natural lash growth cycle and maintenance schedule vary from person to person. There are many factors affecting one's retention rate - makeup style, skin oiliness/dryness, preference for daily makeup, hormonal birth control use, tendency to sleep on one's stomach, willingness to clean lashes often, etc. As a general rule, lashes should last between 2 and 3 weeks. To stay full and neat, they need a touch up every 2 weeks to replace lashes that have shed and lashes that have grown out.

Q. Should I do anything to prepare for my appointment?

A. Yes! Please avoid excessive caffeine before your appointment. If you are used to a set amount each day that is alright but having an extra cup of coffee or an energy drink before our appointment will make your eyes and body jittery. This will slow down the application process and will make it difficult to complete the service.

Turn your phone on silent so that you may fully relax. You won't be able to check it while we are applying your lashes.

Please avoid mascara, eyeliner and strip lashes for 24-48 hours before your appointment. Mascara or strip lash glue may take a few days to be fully removed. Debris on lashes can cause premature shedding of lash extensions because the adhesive will bond to the makeup and not your eyelash. Please wash your lashes and eyelids thoroughly with facial cleanser, soap or baby shampoo the morning of our appointment or directly before.

How to do it: Wet lashes. Use a clean, soft and fluffy eyeshadow crease brush. Dip brush into lash cleanser and rub eyelid in a buffing motion. Brush lashes downward in a sweeping motion to get between the base of the lashes.


Q. How much time will eyelash extensions take to apply? 

A. Plan for up to 3 hours for the consultation and initial new set and up to 2 hours every 2 weeks after that. Extra time in the morning to sleep in, exercise, enjoy breakfast or get the kids ready for school makes it well worth it! I will be playing music softly but feel free to bring your headphones and listen to music or your favourite podcast. Treat this time as time to relax, meditate or reflect. Most people drift off to sleep and wake up to beautiful lashes!

Q. I brushed my lashes and 3 fell off! Help??

A. Please remember that we shed 3-5 natural lashes a day. They will be more noticeable if you have extensions applied. It is normal for a few lash extensions to pop off with brushing. This is why we fill every lash possible so that it will still be full if you lose 3-5 a day. Lash extensions are not implants but semi-permanent enhancements that are meant to be touched up every 2 weeks.

Q. Should I choose classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume lashes?

A. It can be difficult to decide what type of lash extensions to start with on your own. The best way to go about it is to bring a picture of the look you want and I will take a look at your natural lashes and let you know which type of lash extensions will get us closest to achieving that look. 

Many people start out with classic or hybrid lashes and upgrade to light volume, full volume or mega volume with time. Nothing is set in stone as lash extensions are semi-permanent. You may choose a style to start out with and change it over to another style every time you get your touch up done. It will take 2 or 3 touch up appointments to fully change over to another style. Not to worry, mixing styles often creates beautiful texture.



Q. What is Microblading?

A. Microblading is the process to implant pigment or ink under your skin to create the storkes mimicking hair. This is semi-perminant tattooing. Microblading is done with a hand-held blade made up of micorneedles.

It actually places hair like strokes into the skin, instead of outlining and filling in the outline of your brows with color. This method targets 3 layers of skin. 

Q. How long does it last?

A. Microblading can last up to 10 - 12 months. This factors on many different things, how oily or dry your face type is, how often you sweat, and have direct contact to the sun. You will have to visit your microblading professional after 6 weeks for touch ups. The new brows will last anywhere between 10 - 12 months depending on your lifestyle, aftercare and environmental factors.

Q. What are the Benefits of Microblading?

  • No Daily Hassle of Makeup. You wake up every morning with perfectly created and accentuated eyebrows
  • No Smudging or Smearing Off
  • Affordable

Q. Does It Hurt?

A. Well, that depends on your pain threshold. But it is very tollerable. You can compare it with skin scratching. Topical anesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before the process to reduce the pain during the process. It is also applied again during the process if you still feel pain. I try to make this process as painfree for you and make sure you are comfortable. 

Q. How do I choose my eyebrow shape?

A. I will ask you to bring in a copy of your "wish brow" this is your desired brow shape, and I will also ask you to bring in a picture of how you normally draw or fill your brows in. With these two pictures and also following your natural brow hairs I will create a brow shape for you. We will perfect this shape as desired before I start the process. 

Q. How long does it take?

A. Please expect this process to take up to 2 hours. Consultation can take an extra 30 minutes to your first appointment. While you are filling out your forms and health sheet, you will have the numbing cream on for 30 minutes. After that I will outline and create your shape, then start the process. Your touch up appointment can take 1 hour to an hour and 30 mintues. 

Before Microblading:

A. All consultations are free and before the appointment. Please make sure you come in with clean eyebrows, no make up, creams, liner or sunscreen. Don’t take caffeine, aspirin, alcohol and retinol a week before your appointment. Also please silence your phone. 

After Care:

  • Do not touch the pigmented area with your fingers, they may have bactera and create infection.
  • During the first 48 hours, DO NOT do anything to the eyebrows. Leave them completely alone to allow wounds to close. NO WASHING or oiling your face during this time. You can use wipes to clean face, but do not touch brows.
  • Your brows will prespire this is normal, gently blot with a clean papertowl.
  • Over the next 2 days your brows will get darker in pigment. This is normal. It will get lighter after the 3-5 day. You will experience some dryness and scabbing, which is normal. DO NOT PICK OR PEEL.
  • No make up on brows, tinting, sun, soap, sauna, steam, exercise, jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or the ocean for 7-10 days (until area is completely healed) post procedure and aftera all touch-ups.
  • NO washing of the brows dring the whole healing period of 7-10 days. 
  • Do not rub or traumatize the area while it is healing, pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue. 
  • NO Neosporin, A&D ointment, Vaseline or Aquaphor.
Understand that everyone's skin is completely different. Your skin may reject the ink in certain places requiring you to get a touch up appointment after your brows have fully healed. This is an additional cost based on the timeframe. Additional touch ups after initial procedure may be required to fully lock in pigment to certain areas of brows.

Dry Skin Clients:

A. Apply oil over your brow area 1 time a day after the 48 hours are up to help with scabbing. I recommend Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocunut Oil. These absorb into the skin without build up.

Oily Skin Clients:

A. Your aftercare is very simple, you are going to leave your brows alone for the next 7-10 days. No oils. Let everything heal on its own. 

Following all these after care instructions will yeild in the best results possible and increase the longevity of the pigment. 

Enjoy your beautiful new brows!!


Our 3D Mink lashes last up to 20+ wears with proper care. Please do not sleep in lashes as it will cause damage. Also please do not add mascara to mink lashes for best results.  
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